Understanding and Defining Astrology , by Christina Tantalidou – Module 3 Faculty of Astrological Studies


It is rather difficult to define astrology uponfirst glance; however studying the history of astrology from the era of itsgenesis( 15000Bc – first known recording of lunar phases) through itsdevelopment till 1977 (discover of Chiron) , we meet great mathematicians ,astronomers and philosophers such as Ptolemy ‘ born 70 AD (his contribution toestablish the Tropical zodiac) , Galileo Galilee (discovered four of the moonsof Jupiter and other major discoveries) , Copernicus (revival of heliocentricastronomy), Nostradamus (he achieved fame as a result of his success in curingdiseases) who made great impact on the astrological research, Thales(predictionof eclipse), Anaximander (macrocosm -microcosm) , Hippocrates( origin ofmedical astrology) , to assure its importance, and the list is too long towrite them all.

However astrologers and astronomers wereconfused as the terms astrology and astronomy were other interchangeable;astronomy was considered more mathematical and astrology more philosophical,but in generally it is claimed the practitioner of one was also a practitionerof the other. Now astrology is no longer considered to be an integral part ofastronomy, although astrologers have kept a pace of some astronomicaldiscoveries, Uranus in 1781, Neptune in 1846, Pluto in 1930.

Whatever Astrology may be , it appears to evokehostility and criticism that many people feel the need to attack withoutknowing either nothing or very little. But also skilled scientists, forexample, Dawkins is the Simonyi Professor in the Public Understanding ofScience at the University of Oxford, and is presumed to declare that Astrologyis neither harmless nor fun, and we should see it as an enemy of truth.” For him astrology hardly exists outsidethe ‘star columns” of the popular press, which mostly serious astrologers holdin equal contempt. He mocks astrology and he takes astrologers to task forsimplicity dividing humanity into twelve different types. Yet, when it comes toastrology he neither knows what he is talking about, nor cares that he doesn’tknow.

Many mockers of astrology also claims thatastrology is pseudo-science, sells uncertainty –vague meaning and anyastrological guidance offers illusory meaning to make people feel better. Andthey give such broad statements that there may be accurate for everyone; Mr.Thomas Sutcliffe insists on his view that astrologers sell the public uncertainty,and what’s being sold is a kind of psychic plasticine – endlessly malleableinto whatever shape suits everyone.

Astrology also accepts hard criticism byChristianity as it is assumed that Christianity and astrology are rival beliefs,an assumption held by many modern Christians. There comes an answer to be givenas they believed that it was impossible for both God and the stars to ruledestiny. A probably solution was given by Thomas Aquinas in the 13thcentury who claimed that the human body was ruled by the stars and the Soul bythe God. But On the other hand astrology appeared to interfere with the realmof the soul and its evolution and this is therefore incompatible withChristianity.

In a nutshell there are many assumed thatastrology is gobbledygook, a commercial tool for magazines and also astrologersmay be equally deceptive , mentioned Jonathan Cainer and Mystic Meg forexamples. However, the astrology boom is taking place and even quality paperslike, eg. The Observer and the Guardian are not immune to astrologicalpredictions. Politicians are also very susceptible to using astrology andexamples include names such as Charles de Gaulle, Francois Mitterand, MargaretThatcher, Princess Dianna, are consulting astrologers for their political lifeand not only.

But why people observe the sky? What is actuallythe motive behind their need to be connected with the universe? Firstly, we mayassume that the earliest observations were made by people who were anxious toplan their lives for the year and felt it necessary to know how they will beaffected by planetary alignments or the full moon. There come the questions;

Do society wish toregulate itself according to celestial phenomena?

All human life isbasically regulated by the movement of the Sun and the Moon, and the rotationof Earth?

Why do we turn to astrologyconsultations?

What does the Soulseek, or desire? 


Checking the history of mankind, we observethat in its childhood there was only one way to approach the cosmic and thatwas through the mighty images of mythology. For this century there has been anattempt to revive the myth consciousness, and this was originated with Jung thefounder of analytical psychology and supporter of astrology, who believed that astrologycould yield many valuable insights into the human psyche.

However, and As far as my personal view isconcerned we can’t understand astrology without learning its symbolic language.Astrology is no different from, say chemistry or mathematics , which also have their symbols to be mastered, a specialized vocabulary to be learnt. How does this specialized vocabularycan be codified? It must be related to the planets, the signs of the zodiac andwhat all these mean. Today’s astrologers are fortunate to have access to a massof information, with computerize data banks and calculation programs that wouldreveal the amazing world of astrology to its extent.

So planets are indentified with Gods, and thevarious myth told of the deities; also these planets were placing them withinthe classical scheme of the four elements (Fire-Earth – Water- Air) and each ofthem is an expression of the qualities of dry (repulsion-separate identity) andmoist (attraction-identification); and easily then we may connect thepsychology of the Fire signs to independence or Air signs tend to exist throughrelationships. On that way astrology starts to reveal a logic co hence andsimplicity to a mediocre mind.

Of course it is not as simple as it sounds; ifwe want to demonstrate the cosmic alignments and current order at anevolutionary or spiritual level, we will be perplexed and find it not so easyto interpret.   But as we learn theastrological language we can move around any birth chart in this way, notinghow it accords symbolically with the various facets of life and personality andin the end the elements of the cosmic language can be mastered so astrologersbecome competent players of the game of chart interpretation.

But what is the purpose of interpreting a chartor telling a horoscope? the famous astrologer Mr. Dane Rudhyar summed up hisforty years’ experience in a booklet “My stand on Astrology “ and really hisstatement is totally recognizable!

The birth chart is a set of instructions; itsessential meaning lies NOT in giving you an analytical diagram of what yourcharacter and organic body structure are,. But in showing you how in yourparticular case , the ten basic energies of human nature should be used to thebest advantage; that is , in order to enable you to consciously work with them (atall times).

In other simple words, I assume that astrologyhelp people to develop a some kind of creative thinking or problem solving; forexample a problem can be identified in the symbolism of the natal of some otherchart (transit) , there may exist a difficult stressful configuration and afterconnecting our problem with this, we then may consider all possibilities andchoose the one that is less troublesome. However, when we bring our problem tothe “heavens”, in a way we enter the fated world and may feel not soresponsible for our life but through this experience we may be aware that weare called to respond to the COSMOS, and act by free will, and choice.

The astrologer is not a magician, is more likethe explorer who returns with news of a far country, or may be the astronautwho exclaims at the beauty of planet earth, as if seen for the first time andfrom upper. Astrology has an important message and astrologers should graspthis message with responsibility and spread it with respect and withoutarrogance, and this will unite humans with Universe in a trustfully way.

Lastly, I mustexpress my gratitude to astrology, telling my personal story; from my experienceI turned to astrology due to personal challenges and through a very frustratingperiod. Since my early years I loved chatting about astrology, signs andbelieved in the Magic World of Universe. But when I started to study my natalchart more seriously, many parts of my Life Puzzle were completed and totallyunderstood. I am more confident about my self; I accept my weakness easily andtrust my abilities with more confidence. Of course there is no chart thatpromises a Life without Pain, or difficulties, but it is amazing to know that,

We are part of theOne, the Universe, and this may only be Divine.


“As above, as below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” Hermes Trismegistus



Data Sources: Cosmic Loom by Dennis Elwell – Foundation Cource Module 3 – Faculty of Astrological Studies



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